I guess this is happening

One of my boxes of pens and pen-related junk, affectionately referred to as “The Money Pit”.

I had written this winding, analogy-filled post as I am often prone to do before deciding that I didn’t like the WordPress template that I had initially selected for this site, and being that it has been a literal decade since last spending more than a few fleeting moments in the WordPress back end, I of course deleted it.

This was in small part an accident, but in larger part because it sucked. And even though I attempted to rework it a time or two the next day, I wasn’t really feeling it. The dopamine rush of buying this idiotic domain had by that point worn off, and my grand scheme of becoming America’s Next Great Fountain Pen Reviewer was suddenly brought into sharp relief.

Suddenly my humor wasn’t quite so humorous, my wit not quite so witty, and my words… well, they were still quite wordy. So, I decided to scrap that unnecessarily long, nearly incoherent ramble and start simpler by just saying that I am Mike, this is my blog and I have a dumb obsession with an archaic writing instrument.

Also, not a fan of the Oxford comma.

Anyway. I started this blog because I write. A lot. It’s what I do for fun and it’s how I relax. And because I write a lot, I made the decision during Coronavirus quarantining to improve my handwriting. I decided early on that I would attempt to teach myself Spencerian (that, I imagine, will be the subject for a future post), which in turn led me to fountain pens.

And thus armed with two great weapons – copious amounts of free time and a moderate amount of disposable income – I have begun filling the chest pictured above with pens and pen-related materials.

I found that I was (and still am) writing reviews of the pens, inks and other accoutrements that I’d picked up primarily because it was an excuse to practice my handwriting, but also still being relatively new to the whole fountain pen hobby and seeing others at similar points of their fountain pen usage – and those just trying to figure out if it’s even something for them – I decided to start this blog.

If anyone happens to read this blog and finds it helpful, great. If not, it’s just a repository of my own thoughts.

So, that said, not sure how often I’ll post or even what I’ll post about, and if you were unfortunate enough to stumble across this blog, my humblest apologies.

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